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At 11:50 AM 1/23/96 -0800, Diane Robertson wrote:
>Does anyone know of any work that has been done on the effects of
>electromagnetic fields on plant growth?  I have an enquiry from a high
>school student who has done a project on this and was interested in
>commmunicating with others who have done similar experiments.  Many thanks.

I have no experience with this except in judging a science fair
once.  The problem with EMF is that it penetrates many normal
containers...thus a critical element of the design is to be
sure that the control plants are kept sufficiently out of the
EMF.  This poses problems in terms of equal lighting, temperature,
watering, etc. between EMF treated plants and the controls.  In
the case of the project I judged, the two sets of plants were displayed
in adjacent plastic containers.  I asked the student if he thought
the controls were sufficiently away from the huge alnico magnets
in the adjacent bin, and was his fair display exactly the way
it was at home.  He said it was.  I dropped my pocketknife into
the control bin and it slammed up on the side wall.  The
student understood the problem.  My thought (unexpressed) was,
where is the mentor for this project?  Please understand I
am not saying you would make this mistake, Diane, but it is
an important part of setting up such a project that at least
one high-school mentor in my past did fail to observe.


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