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The Private Life of Plants is a set of six videos dealing factually with 
plant biology and featuring excellent time lapse photography. It was 
orginally broadcast by the BBC, then by the cable channel TBS. There is a 
companion book by the same title.

The Secret Life of Plants was a bestselling book in 1973 which presented
all kinds of plant pseudoscience as if it were scientific facts. Students
are often confused by it because it is on many library shelves in the
nonfiction section next to books dealing with "real" plant biology. 

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On 27 Jan 1996 Peggy.Pollak at NAU.EDU wrote:

> I've been following the discussion of pseudoscience and have the following
> question.  Is The Secret Life of Plants different from The Private Life
> of Plants?  I have an 800 number for the latter but not the former. Can
> anyone help?  Peggy Pollak

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