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Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
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I have liked the range of topics discussed dealing
with education in the science of botany.  I have
learned some new concepts in teaching.  I have
obtained resources for improving my performance
as a teacher.  I have refined my own laboratory
exercises in light of what I read from my colleagues.
I have disseminated lab exercises to interested people.
I have met (electronically) new colleagues and most
interestingly have opened dialogue with faculty
members that are within driving distance.  I have
been recruiting a participant for reviewing our department
and its program.  It has been very helpful all-around.
There has even been a sharing of misery at the state
of university and public understanding of our plant
education mission, and even that is helpful.

I, for one, am thoroughly pleased with this newsgroup.

There is a dynamic thread in one other newsgroup I belong
to discussing the role of the internet in professional
publication, copyright law, and promotion and tenure.
There are many points of view, but I think the thread has
come around to the conclusion that before junior faculty
can afford to publish on the internet, senior faculty
members have to make it "proper" by doing it themselves.
The issues of permanence and archive are weighty issues,
but clearly the cost of electronic publication is superior.
The timeliness is superior.  The ability to have an open
review of a paper is superior.  The ability to revise and
improve our science is clearly more dynamic in the electronic
medium.  I'm sure archive and permanence issues were topics
of controversy as we moved from chisel and stone to clay,
to papyrus, and to paper.  Surely these issues are resolvable
just as they were anciently.  It would be interesting for
our group to provide some leadership in this area.  I know
we started a thread long ago on this topic, but maybe we
could make a decision and take some action?

Just some thoughts from this one perspective...


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