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At  1:25 PM 1/30/96 -0800, Galloway Cynthia M wrote:
>I teach at a small campus within the Texas A&M system and have come up
>against a funding problem.  We are expected to recruit graduate students
>(Master's level) and we have no money for research supplies for the
>student's research nor money to pay for a research assistanceship.  The
>only source of funding is to provide a teaching assistantship for ten hours a
>week at minimum wage.  This comes out to about $180.00 a month, not
>much.  Where do others in a similar situation come up with money?


Here at ECSU we do not have a graduate program, but
we do have undergrads interested and doing some amazingly
good independent lab work.

We finance these projects through a small grants program
that are a part of our AAUP-CSU contract.  Each year the
faculty can request up to $4,000 to fund a special project.
The money can be used for supplies, equipment, and stipend.
On our campus with 150 faculty there are about 15 awards
in a given year.

If yours is a union shop, you might ask what your union is
doing for professional development at the bargaining table.


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