onion root tips

DR_GROSS gross at georgian.edu
Mon Jul 1 11:10:46 EST 1996

          I have had good results growing large onion bulbs in water
          only.  I use a funnel, or the inverted cut-off top of a
          2-liter soda bottle, to hold the onion bulb in place over a
          clear jar or other container.  I keep the bulb in a
          lighted environment for photosynthesis to occur, and put
          enough water in the container to immerse just the base of
          the bulb.  This often results in prolific root growth, with
          plenty of onion root tips being available for weeks,
          especially if you use a large container with lots of room
          available for root growth, and use a different container for
          each onion.  Using a clear container, you can easily monitor
          root growth and are reminded to change the water when it
          becomes cloudy.

          Mike Gross, Ph.D.
          Chairperson, Biology Dept.
          Georgian Court College
          Lakewood, NJ  08701-2697
          gross at georgian.edu

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