Seed germination experiment

Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Sun Jul 14 18:57:13 EST 1996

At  1:35 PM 7/10/96 -0700, Richard L. Boyce wrote:
>I've been asked by a colleague for ideas for a seed germination experiment
>for middle-school students (7th through 10th grades).  He would like to
>demonstrate that different species have different pH preferences for


I don't have any idea which species would have which pH
optima, but lettuce seeds germinate (in light) within
about two days.  One might use buffers at different
pH values to determine their optimum pH.  This could
be compared with other species...radish, alfalfa, and
mung beans are all relatively fast.  I think alfalfa
prefers to grow at higher pH than radish, but I haven't
a clue whether germination is similar.  This sounds
like a good project for your students; sometimes an
"unknown" outcome makes for better inquiry than just
verifying known outcomes...if you know what I mean.
Students love to find out new things...using their own


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