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   The NABC provides copies of its publications at no charge.

   Long recognized as the reliable source of information on issues in
agricultural biotechnology, NABC distributes several thousand copies of
its reports and newsletters to educators, industry and government
representatives, public interest groups, farmers, journalists and and
others who have an interest in agricultural biotechnology.

   NABC Reports are compilations of the workshop reports, individual
presentations, topical overviews and summaries of the annual meetings.

Report 3, Agricultural Biotechnology at the Crossroads: Biological, Social
& Institutional Concerns (1991)

Report 4, Animal Biotechnology: Opportunities & Challenges (1992)

 Report 5, Agricultural Biotechnology: A Public Conversation About Risk (1993)

Report 6, Agricultural Biotechnology & the Public Good (1994)

Report 7, Genes for the Future: Discovery, Ownership, Access (1995)

Report 8, Agricultural Biotechnology: Novel Products and New Partnerships
(December, 1996)
   NABC News, the newsletter of the organization, provides highlights of
the annual meetings, information about future NABC meetings, special
seminars, and other NABC activities.

   Occasional Papers are issued on topics of special interest.  Occasional
paper #1: Ethics and Patenting of Transgenic Organisms; Occasional paper
#2: Labeling of Biotechnology Food Products; Occasional paper #3: Report
of the NABC Ad-Hoc Committee on Ethics.
First copies of each issue are complimentary. Additional copies are
available at cost.

 To order a copy of any publication and to be included on the mailing
list, please contact the NABC office at:
419 Boyce Thompson Institute
Tower Road, 
Ithaca, NY 14853  

tel: 607/254-4856;  fax: 607/254-1242;

e-mail: nabc at

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