Shahna Lax slax at
Sat Jul 20 03:08:13 EST 1996

POB 297, Crestone, CO  81131   
Phone/FAX: (800) 720-9116 or (719) 256-4821
Lasting, hard-to-find products for Landscape Conservation.
Supporting sufficiency in place of consumerism.
   BRASS 3-way garden hose diverter with shut-off assembly: $35
   HOES sharpened on 3 edges, forged from recycled disc harrows: $30
   NUTRIENT RICH LANDSCAPE FABRIC from wool & camel hair: $66 per 5'x50'roll
   COPPER SCREENING, non-toxic solution to naturally protect building 
                     foundations and plumbing fixtures from tree root 
                     infiltration: $107 per 3'x20' piece; 100'roll $480 
   Milk Paints, Oak Barrels, Books, etc.                 
Our entire catalog may be viewed at  
or send 2 postage stamps for a hardcopy. 

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