Cytoplasmic streaming.

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Dennis Bittisnich wrote:
> Dear Plant Ed people,
>         Could any one  suggest some examples of tissues which display
> cytoplasmic streaming suitable for student observation... the best we know
> of is Tradescantia stamen hair cells but we are after other tissue types
> for a comparison.
> Thanks
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> ********************Dear Dennis,

I teach Botany lab at the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas.  We usually use 
leaves from the water plant,  Elodea or onion bulb epidermis to demonstrate cytoplasmic 
streaming.  If you use Elodea, it's good to use the youngest leaves possible and look 
toward the tip of the leaf, or the tissues may become too dense to see through.  For the 
onion epidermis, snap a "leaf" backwards and peel.  This will usually net you a clear, 
thin layer of epidermal tissue that when lightly stained with iodine is also quite good 
at demonstrating the nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm and cell wall. 

If you have any trouble with this, you can e-mail me at this address.

Good Luck,

Regina M. Huse
Buzz Huse
Euless, Texas, USA

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