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Mon Jun 3 14:25:51 EST 1996

	For over 20 years, environmental attorney Paul J. Krupin, has had
a well-appreciated hobby: helping people find environmental jobs.  Now,
Krupin, who works at the U. S. Department of Energy Hanford Site, has
published a resource guide to help others who are interested in his field.
 The 1996 edition of Krupin's  Toll-Free Environmental Directory" lists
the toll-free 800 numbers for more than 7,000 environmental organizations,
firms, government agencies and institutions.   There s a superhighway of
free business information out there, a dynamic ECO-nomic marketplace,  he
	The 152 page directory provides job and opportunity seekers
toll-free nation-wide access to environmental professionals within
professional and non-profit organizations, state and federal government
regulatory agencies, and thousands of environmental companies.  It covers
the entire environmental industry, from air pollution, and asbestos,
environmental consultants and hazardous waste, all the way to water
pollution and waste management.  The book also includes hundreds of
federal and state government hotlines for people needing technical advice
from government experts and help with problems. 
	Thafter speaking at an Environmental Careers Organization
symposium in Tampa last year.   Take advantage of being able to get
nation-wide access to experts and hiring authorities for free,  he says. 
Krupin says that getting in direct contact with people on the job to
identify problems needing solutions is the best way to land a position. 
Here s how:   Call toll-free.  Speak to a professional.  Find out what
needs to be done.  Then make a proposal to do it.  Describe and
demonstrate your problem-solving capabilities in your letter and resume
the very same day.   
	The Toll-Free Environmental Directory is a valuable first hand
research tool for job hunters, contract and opportunity seekers,
fund-raisers and activists, teachers, students and working professionals.
	For a copy of "Krupin's Toll-Free Environmental Directory", send a
check for $17.95 postpaid to Krupin's DIRECT CONTACT PUBLISHING, P. O. Box
6726, Kennewick, WA 99336, or call (800) 457-8746 (M/C/VISA/AMEX

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