recommended texts

Barbara N. Kunkel kunkel at BIODEC.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Jun 10 12:24:23 EST 1996

Thanks to all who replied to my message asking for recommendations for 
good plant biology texts. 

The three texts that were recommended repeatedly are:

        "Plant Physiology"  by Taiz and Zeiger 
        "Biology of Plants" by Raven, Evert and Eichhorn 
        "Plant Growth and development"  by Donald E Fosket (Academic 
Press 1994)
 Several other texts that were also recommended are:

        "Plant Physiology" By Frank Salisbury and Cleon Ross. 
        "Plant Physiology" by Mohr and Schopfer, translated from German 

        "Plant, genes and agriculture"  by Chrispeels. (Jones and 

        "Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" by David 
          and David Turpin eds., (Longman Scientific and Technical).          

        "The Botanical World" by Northington and Schneider (Wm C. Brown)        
        "Introductory Plant Biology" by Kingsley Stern          1
        "Plants and Society" by ?? 

I did get the impression that there is a need for new, up to date texts 
the areas of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Genetics.  Is anyone
willing to take on the task?  

        Thanks again,

        Barbara Kunkel

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