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If anyone wishes to unsubscribe while you are away this summer, please do so
electronically rather than sending a message to the entire group.  Send the

	unsubscribe plant-ed

to one of the following addresses:

	biosci-server at net.bio.net 
(if you are in the Americas or the Pacific Rim), or
	biosci-server at daresbury.ac.uk 
(if you are in Europe, Africa or Central Asia).

The subject line can be left blank.  Don't forget to subscribe again when you
return!  Any missed messages can be obtained from the archives at the URL:

If you have any questions regarding BIOSCI, check out the Frequently Asked
Questions page at the URL: http://net.bio.net/BIOSCI/biosci.FAQ.html
or feel free to send them to me at the address below.

Thanks,  Jon

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  James Madison University       fax:    540-568-3333
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