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>> Subject: Re: Plant Biology Texts
>> Dear Plant Biologists,
>>         I will be teaching an upper division Plant Biology course in the
>> Fall, and am looking for a reasonable text book to use in the course.  Does
>> anybody know of any  *GOOD* Plant Physiology or Plant Biology Texts?  I
>> would appreciate  some recommendations.
>>         Thank you,
>>  Barbara Kunkel

Dear Barbara and Jon,

        I am attaching two pieces from the Education Forum of the Amer Soc
Plant Phys newsletter regarding textbooks.  I seem to recall that, based on
the conversation that took place on the Plant Ed Newsgroup last spring,
Salisbury and Ross was the most popular for general plant phys.

Bob Wise

Options Available for Plant Physiology Textbooks and Lab Manuals
(from July/Aug ASPP Ed Forum)

        With the Fall semester fast approaching, the question of textbook
selection for plant physiology educators is once again at the forefront. 
Without claiming to be comprehensive, a compilation of current offerings is
given below.  Although most of the titles are recent (i.e. after 1990), it
is possible that some may be out of print or otherwise unavailable.
        Which book is the "best"?  That depends to a large degree on
students' background, the goals of the instructor, and whether the course
is introductory or advanced.  There has been considerable recent discussion
on the plant-ed newsgroup on the strengths and weaknesses of many of the
titles listed below.  For a look at that discussion, see the plant-ed
archives at <gopher/>.  [One contributor to
plant-ed, on the other hand, taught an introductory plant physiology class
using only the original literature and reviews].  

Anderson, J.W. and J. Beardall  (1991)  Molecular Activities of Plant
Cells:  An Introduction to Plant Biochemistry, Blackwell Scientific
Brett, C. and K. Waldron  (1990)  Topics in Plant Physiology, Vol. 2,
Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant Cell Walls, Unwin Hyman Ltd.
Chrispels, M. and D.E. Sadava  (1994)  Plant, Genes, and Agriculture, Jones
and Bartlett Publishers
Davies, P.J. (ed.)  (1987)  Plant Hormones and Their Role in Plant Growth &
Development, Martinus Nijhous Publishers
Dennis, D.T. and D.H. Turpin (eds.)  (1990)  Plant Physiology,
Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology.  John Wiley & Sons
Fosket, D.E.  (1994)  Plant Growth and Development:  A Molecular Approach,
Academic Press 
Galston, A.W.  (1994)  Life Processes of Plants.  Scientific American
Library  (dist. by W.H. Freeman)
Hart, J.W.  (1987)  Topics in Plant Physiology, Vol. 1, Light and Plant
Growth, Unwin Hyman Ltd.
Hershey, D.R.  (1995)  Plant Biology Science Projects, John Wiley & Sons
Hopkins, W.G.  (1995)  Introduction to Plant Physiology, John Wiley & Sons
Lyndon, R.F.  (1990)  Topics in Plant Physiology, Vol. 3, Plant
Development:  The Cellular Basis, Unwin Hyman Ltd.
Lea, P.J. and Leegood, R.C.  (1993)  Plant Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology, John Wiley & Sons
Meidner, H.  (1984)  Class Experiments in Plant Physiology, G. Allen & Unwin
Mohr, H. and P. Shopfer  (1995)  Plant Physiology, Springer-Verlag 
Moore, T.C.  (1981)  Research Experiences in Plant Physiology:  A
Laboratory Manual, Springer-Verlag
Murphy, T.M.  (1995)  Manual for Plant Physiology Laboratory, published by
author (contact at <tmmurphy at>)
Noggle, R. and G. Fritz  (1983)  Introductory Plant Physiology, Prentice Hall
Reiss, C.  (1994)  Experiments In Plant Physiology, Prentice Hall
Salisbury, F.B. and C.W. Ross  (1992)  Plant Physiology, 4th ed., Wadsworth
Publishing Company
Sebanek, J. (ed.)  (1992)  Plant Physiology, Elsevier 
Sinclair, T.  Hands-on, Low-cost Laboratory Exercises for Middle School and
High School Biology Classes,  expected publication in early 1996
Taiz, L. and E. Zeiger  (1991)  Plant Physiology,  Benjamin/Cummings Publishers
Ting, I.P.  (1982)  Plant Physiology, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Wilkins, M.B. (ed.)   (1987)  Advanced Plant Physiology, John Wiley & Sons


ASPP Plant Biochemistry Textbook in the Making

        There is, at present, no up-to-date text on plant biochemistry  The
standard of the field, Bonner and Varner's Plant Biochemistry (3rd edition)
is now almost 20 years old.  That situation should be remedied by the fall
of 1998 when the ASPP expands its publishing enterprise to include major
textbooks. The first project is a textbook/reference work on plant
biochemistry.  The book was originally proposed by Joe Varner, but, sadly,
Joe passed away before the project got under way.  Nevertheless, many
others shared Joe's recognition that such a book was needed.
        ASPP approached Bob Buchanan (current ASPP President, UC-Berkeley)
and asked him to take up the torch, as it were, and he agreed.  The book
preparation is just getting underway and it is slated for completion by the
latter half of 1998. A richly illustrated book of the quality and
comprehensiveness of Molecular Biology of the Cell is envisioned.
        An initial printing of 10,000 copies will be run.  Additional runs
will be made as demand increases.

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