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Russell_Goddard rgoddard at GRITS.VALDOSTA.PEACHNET.EDU
Tue Jun 18 09:53:37 EST 1996

We are currently working with architects in designing a new Biology and 
Chemistry building.  Associated with the building, we will have a decent 
greenhouse for maintaining teaching collections and performing research.
We currently do not have a greenhouse for use by biology faculty (Ack!).  
The new greenhouse is currently designed with four houses off a single 
hallway; each house about 780 or 960 sq. ft.  We have also proposed a 
separate attached Head House, approx. 960 sq. ft. for storage, potting, 
etc.  The architects have asked for information on what equipment we 
would like in the Head house.

	I would like to ask everyone with experience in this area for 
(detailed if available) information on what you use in the headhouse.  
How large a potting bench do you use?  Is a soil sterilizer advisable, or 
will an autoclave do?  I have seen soil storage bins that are built in to 
the headhouse and others that are basically heavy-duty RubberMaid carts 
on wheels.  What works for you?  How much shelf space do you use?  How 
much could you use?  Basically, I would like any and all information on 
what I should include in this room as I have not designed such a facility 
before.  I have always taken for granted that what I need in a greenhouse 
facility is "there."

	Thanks to all!

Russ Goddard
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