Lee Newman newmanla at u.washington.edu
Sat Jun 22 13:50:27 EST 1996

On 18 Jun 1996 farishg at CC4.ADAMS.EDU wrote:
> I just returned from the ABLE conference at which I attended a workshop
> on using SDS-PAGE on proteins from chicken breast.  It is designed and
> used in a first year biology course at the Univ. of Maryland.  The
> acrylamide gels are not toxic once they've polymerized, so you can pour
> them before class and not worry about the students.  They need to learn
> to work with hazardous materials eventually anyway.  The exercise fit
> nicely into a 3 hour lab, the students needed only to come back a day
> later (or at the next lab period) to view the stained gel.  You might
> contact Richard Racusen at rr2 at umail.umd.edu for the protocol.

	If you go with protein gels, you might want to check out some
	prestained molecular weight markers. The students can see the
	bands separate as the gel is running, so it eliminates the step
	of staining the gel. These are available commercially from
	several sources - either all bands in a single color or each
	band a different color. Feel free to email me if you need the name
	of the companies that offer the markers.

	Lee Newman
	Department of Biochemistry
	University of Washington

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