preserving flowers and leaves

DR_GROSS gross at
Thu Jun 27 13:02:27 EST 1996

          I don't know the answer to the question about the sand
          method, but I too have struggled with the problem of wanting
          to use flowers during the off-season, especially since
          we teach botany,  and the botanical part of
          introductory biology, during the spring (or should I say
          winter?) semester.  Part of my solution has been to put
          digital images of flowers on my own web pages.

           The advantages of this method include its
          permanency, lack of damage flowers will suffer from
          handling, 24-hr, year-round accessibility to students
          (IF, and it's a big if, they can access a networked
          computer), and pretty good color preservation.   The
          disadvantages include the lack of being able to touch the
          flowers or get a 3-D perspective (there's NOTHING like the
          real thing, live!).

          Mike Gross, Ph.D.
          Chairperson, Biology Dept.
          Georgian Court College
          Lakewood, NJ  08701-2697

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