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>> Dear plant-edders,
>>   I have just been asked how to preserve leaves ith their colors, and it
>> occurred to me it would also be very useful to me to preserve summer
>> flowers with their shapes and colors to use for teaching off-season.  I
>> know about the method where the flowers are put in a bed of sand and all
>> the air spaces filled with sand.  These are then baked to dry them.  But,
>> how long and at what temperature?  Do these then keep in ambient
>> conditions, or must they be sealed so they cannot absorb moisture on damp
>> days?  Will this method work just as well with leaves?
>>   Thanks for any help.
>> Janice
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You might like to consult Foster, Laura Louise.  1970.  Keeping the Plants
You Pick.  NY:  Thomas Y. Crowell Co.  There will be many similar books at
your school or public library, bookstore, or local botanical garden.

Foster describes several methods of drying flowers with dessicants:  1)
with a mixture of white cornmeal (5 cups) and powdered borax (1 cup), 2)
perlite, and 3) silica gel.  Her instructions, very detailed and well
illustrated, include the container preparation, re-drying the dessicant,
placing the flowers in the dessicant, etc.

Maintaining color is a problem.  Flowers must be picked fresh, at the peak
of their quality and dried quickly.  After drying they must be stored in a
dark, dry place.  When displayed, they should be kept out of strong
sunlight... light is the worst enemy of the pigments.  Some people like to
spray the dried flowers with a clear plastic "fixative" you can purchase in
craft stores.  This helps to prevent fading.

Good luck!

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