Plant anatomy images

Mike Snow snow at UOFPORT.EDU
Thu Mar 7 11:53:08 EST 1996

	I recently asked the same question. I got back several useful 
replies. I have gotten so busy in recent weeks that I have been remiss in 
acknowledging them, so your note acted as a good reminder for me. By far 
the most useful single Web page was kindly pointed out to me by Raino 
Lampinen in Helsinki. Raino has already collected an extensive list of 
these and posted them on the Web at:
	This is a great resource. Thanks Raino!!

	Michael Snow
	Dept. of Biology
	University of Portland
	Portland, OR
On 7 Mar 1996, Robert C. Hodson wrote:

> I recently located some very nice plant anatomy images provided from the
> "Basic Botany PhotoCD" by Education Interactive Imaging
> (URL="  Use
> is restricted to electronic means, i.e. monitors and networks, which is
> fine for my present needs (illustrations for Web pages).  Question:  does 
> anyone in the newsgroup know of other plant anatomy image sources on the Web?
> Robert C. Hodson
> Department of Biology
> University of Delaware
> Newark, DE 19716
> (302)831-8440

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