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Mon Mar 11 16:44:09 EST 1996

Here is a summary of the responses on recommended plant biochemistry texts. 
Thanks to all who responded !
There is need for newer material and it appears to be forthcoming.

Plant Biochemistry and related texts:

Goodwin and Mercer
Pergamon Press
1983 (reprinted 1990 with corrections)
ISBN 0-08-024921-3

2. Lea and Leegood(published by Wiley) titled "Plant Biochemistry and Molecular
 Biology ".

3.  Plant physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Dennis and turpin,
1990. Longman Scientific and technical, Longman House, Burnt Mill, Harlow,
Essex, CM10 2JE, Great britain.
I would recommend Plant Physiology,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by
Dennis and Turpin, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

A new edition is supposed to be coming out shortly but I would not hold
your breath. The older copy is still very good.

4.  Molecular Activities of Plant Cells by Anderson and Bearddall, Blackwell
Scientific Publications

5.  PLANT BIOCHEMISTRY, 3rd edition
(eds) Bonner and Varner
Academic Press
ISBN 0-12-114860-2

6. For supplementary explanation of principles for lab:
Scientific American Library
ISBN 0-7167-5044-9

7. There is also a special issue of
the Plant Cell journal devoted specifically to plant biochemistry.
Individual issues can be purchased from Plant Cell.  Issue is: Vol 7, number
7, 1995.  The only phone # I have for Plant Cell is: (301)251-0560.  That's
for regular subscriptions, but the person there may be able to connect you
to the right place.

News on forthcoming materials:

1. Longman (or Addison Wesley Longman) is putting out "Plant
Metabolism" later this year, or early next. It's not really biochemistry,
but rather a hybrid physiology/
biochemistry/molecular biology book.

2.  There is, at present, no up-to-date text on plant biochemistry, but that
situation will be remedied, we hope by the fall of 1998. ASPP (American Society
of Plant Physiologists), which has an excellent reputation as a publisher of
peer-reviewed journals, is about
to expand its publishing enterprise to include major textbooks. The first
project is a textbook/reference work on plant biochemistry. The book was
originally proposed by Joe Varner, but, sadly, Joe died before the
project got under way. Nevertheless, everyone recognized that there is a
serious vacuum out there that is crying to be filled.

ASPP approached Bob Buchanan, a plant biochemist at UC-Berkeley, and
asked him to take up the torch, as it were, and he agreed.

The book preparation is just getting underway now, and, as I said, we
hope to have it ready by the latter half of 1998. That may seem
extraordinarily long to you, but in the world of book preparation, it is
actually fairly rapid. We are envisioning a book of the quality and
comprehensiveness of Molecular Biology of the Cell, if you are familiar
with that work, and a book as richly illustrated as that takes time to do

It's good to know that there's a market of at least one out there. We're
hoping that there will be at least 9,999 more of you world wide.

Jody Carlson

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