Trivia Summary

Pat Kasa kasap at COOPEXT.CAHE.WSU.EDU
Wed Mar 13 14:53:27 EST 1996

To everyone who responded to my request for an outrageous acronym for 
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, THANK YOU!

A summary of your creative and entertaining posts follows:

Kings Play Chess On Fat Girl's Stomachs.
Kids Picking Cacti On Friday's Get Stuck.
Kings Play Chess On Friday's, Generally Speaking.
King Phillip Comes Over For Great Sex.
Kiss Pigs Carefully Or Face Grimy Smiles.
Kings Play Chess On Fine Grained Sand.
King Phillip Came Over From Germany Stoned.
King Peter Came Over From Geneva Switzerland.
Kindly Produce Credit Or Furnish Good Security.
Keep Peeling Cold Onions For Good Smells.
King Phillip Cried "Oh, For Goodness Sake!"
Keep Putting Cheese On Five Green Spoons.
Karen's Pups Chew On Furry Grey Squirrels.
King Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti.
King Phillip Courts Ophelia For Good Sex.
Karl Pushed Cliff Over Football Grand Stand.
King Peter Came Over From Germany Saturday.
Keep Privates Clean Or Forget Getting Sex.

If your favorite acronym is missing, send me a note and I'll include it.
Thanks again,

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