Phylum vs. Division

Wed Mar 13 14:41:27 EST 1996

David Haas said he's not paranoid, he knows that they're out to get him. That 
reminds me of the quote I saw: "Just because you're paranoid doen not mean 
they are not all out to get you." :)))

The International Botanical Congress decided to change division to phylum in 
either later 94 or early 95. I discovered it when I was doing the final 
proofing of *Photo Atlas for Biology*, and felt just slightly smug in being 
among the first to recognize in print the "new" system. Obviously it means 
that we no longer have to tell students that botanists and zoologists can't 
get together. I expect we'll start seeing this in 1996 copyright textbooks.

So now we can all keep (our) privates clean or fore go sex.

Now, this morning, in summarizing glycolysis and moving into the Krebs Cycle, 
one of my students piped up and said "is the things you're calling the Gateway 
Reaction (or Preparatory Steps) for entering the Krebs Cycle (attachment of 
Co-enzyme A to form acetyl coA) the same thing as pyruvate oxidation?" I had 
never heard it called that but that's what he learned in his zoology course 
last semester. Hmm.... 

Jim Perry
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