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> What is the maximum absorption spectrum for pheohytin?  Does anybody know
> about a reference for this?

I presume you mean pheophytin.

The definitive reference for absorption properties of pheophytins is
Lichtenthaler, H. K. (1987) Chlorophylls and carotenoides: pigments of
photosynthetic biomembranes.  Methods Enzymol. 148: 350-382.

Pheophytin a has absorption maxima at 666.6 nm (60.1 l/mg-cm) and 408.8 nm
(126.51 l/mg-cm) in diethyl ether.  

Pheophytin b has absorption maxima at 654.2 nm (43.62 l/mg-cm) and 433.2
nm (218.87 l/mg-cm) in diethyl ether.

Other solvents give slightly different maximum absorption wavelengths and
coefficients.  Note that the absorption coefficiants given are "specific",
not molar.  If you need molar absorption coefficients, you have to
multiply the values given by the molecular weights of the pigments:  871.2
for pheophytin a and 885.2 for pheophytin b.

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