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Jim Perry said:>> 
> At the risk of sending something that most of us might know...

There's no risk here.   I 've always thought that fibers were more 
specialized and evolved from tracheids.   Also I thought that the 
first vascular plants had tracheids not fibers.  Please set me 
straight.  What about Rhinia and Cooksonia sp.  are there now fossils 
that  pre date these early plants.    I took Paleo-bot  in the 
Paleozoic ! 

> The evolution of xylem tracheids is presumed to have occurred as a result of 
> modification of fibers, and subsequent to that, vessel members to have evolved 
> from tracheids. Inasmuch as early land plants were likely thallose, and were 
> in fact probably more accurately described as amphibious, any development of 

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