Tissue Culture Methods

Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Fri Mar 15 09:32:03 EST 1996

At  9:41 PM 3/14/96 -0500, DStoerz wrote:
>I am interested in trying some propagation via tissue culture.  One of my
>problems is that I don't have money for a laminar flow hood.
>What kind of luck might I have if I make the transfers without a hood?

The laminar flow hood is a wonderful luxury.
It is **not** essential.  It permits you to
work for long periods of time with culture
vessels open to the outside world.  It makes
dissection of initial explants reliably axenic.

Many people have successfully done tissue culture
without laminar flow hoods.  Some choose to use
a glove box (made of an old aquarium, etc.), and
you can even do tissue culture in any clean
room with reasonably calm air.  You just have to
be very careful how you work to avoid contamination
of your cultures.  Working carefully but quickly
so that culture media and explants are exposed as
briefly as possible to any airborne contaminants
is the work-around.

Good Luck!


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