Tissue Culture Methods

Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. raiar at inlink.com
Fri Mar 15 14:29:08 EST 1996

dstoerz at aol.com (DStoerz) wrote:

>I am interested in trying some propagation via tissue culture.  One of my
>problems is that I don't have money for a laminar flow hood.

>What kind of luck might I have if I make the transfers without a hood?  Do
>I have any other options?  I have thought about building a small hood
>using one of the HEPA or electrostatic air cleaner systems that are
>available, but I don't really want to spend the money if it will be a
>total failure.

>I would be thankful for any information or assistance.

>DStoerz at aol.com

Mr. Stoerz

I don't want to sound like a total ignoramous, but wanted to mention
something.  Since I'm not associated with the newer techniques of
tissue culture, perhaps they have overclouded the old tried and true
methods used in greenhouses for years.
We propagated numerous species of plants using tissue culture, without
all the hoopla of modern times, nor any of the equipment you

Don't get me wrong, we had the cutters and vacuum transfer machines to
speed up the work, plus the tube filling equipment, but sanitary
conditions were definately not a concern and the work was performed
right in a section of our greenhouses, exposed to the same environment
as the rest of the stock.

We had no more than the normal 10% loss rate associated with any
standard greenhouse operation, whether it be tissue culture, seed or
slip propagation.

Unless you are doing scientific experiments rather than just mass
production of plants, why add the expense or worry of all that
environmental filtration equipment.


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