Carl Pike C_Pike at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
Mon Mar 18 13:59:23 EST 1996

I need some advice on my perception or misperception of the structure of
thylakoids in grana.

I had thought that each thylakoid in a grana stack was a completely closed
membraneous sac; certainly they were portrayed that way in articles such as
Miller's Scientific American article on photosynthetic membranes.  Each
lumen was distinct.

In two recent texts (the third edition of Becker's World of the Cell and
the newest edition of Lodish's Molecular Cell Biology), the thylakoids are
diagrammed as having interconnected lumens, so that all the luminal space
in a grana stack is continuous, not separate thylakoids.  My question - has
there been some recent research leading to this new view, or are the images
in the books the result of some artistic license?  Any relevant literature
citations would be appreciated.

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