infecting kalanchoe with agrobacterium

Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Mon Mar 18 12:06:56 EST 1996

At  8:01 AM 3/18/96 -0800, Rich Glick wrote:
>Can anybody offer advice about the best way to infect Kalanchoe plants
>with Agrobacterium to demonstrate gall formation for a botany lab
>exercise? Also, about how much time does it take for the gall to appear?
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


When I was at Univ Michigan (1970s) we did it
with a dissecting needle.  Flame sterilize it,
stab the tube culture (slant) of Agro, stab the
plant stem.  We used sunflower and, as I recall,
it only took one week to observe considerable
swelling.  By two weeks there was an obvious
tumor present.  I don't know if Kalanchoe would
be faster or slower.  If memory serves me right
sunflower is C-4 and rapid-growing...Kalanchoe
is CAM and slower-growing.  I don't know if those
would influence the rate of tumor formation or not.

Good Luck!


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