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Patrick Elvander elvander at DARWIN.UCSC.EDU
Tue Mar 19 12:59:23 EST 1996

I am going to be teaching an intermediate college level course next year 
called Plants and Human Affairs. It has not been taught for several 
years, but in the past it has combined elements of both a general botany 
course and a course on economic botany--it's emphasis has been on 
physiological phenomena and relationships. The previous text used was 
Langenheim and Thimann's Botany: Plant Biology abd its relation to Human 
Affairs  which is outdated in the biotech and physiology areas and out fo 
print fro almost ten years. If anyone teaches a similar course and can 
recommend a recent textbook, I would appreciate it. Most of our Library's 
related texts are more than 6-10 years old or pure agricultural or 
economic botany. Please reply to me personally, rather than to the list 
unless you think this would be of general interest.

Patrick Elvander
Biology Department
Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz
elvander at biology.ucsc.edu

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