Tissue Culture Methods

Bill Nail wrn1445 at zeus.tamu.edu
Mon Mar 18 20:27:13 EST 1996

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> I am interested in trying some propagation via tissue culture.  One of my
> problems is that I don't have money for a laminar flow hood.
> What kind of luck might I have if I make the transfers without a hood?
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A flow hood can be made for about $400-$500.  Working without a hood on
the humid Gulf Coast, I experienced  much more than 10% contamination. 
There is a company called Fungi Perfecti which sells ready made hoods for
less than most lab hoods, and might be able to help with the design. 
Their prices on individual components are rather high, and should probably
be purchased locally.  They have a lot of experience working with serious
amateurs.  They have a web page at:

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