Biodiversity money??

Galloway Cynthia M kfcmg00 at TAMUK.EDU
Wed Mar 20 12:02:39 EST 1996

I'm not sure if this is the proper forum but, you've been a great help in 
the past.  We have a field site associated with our University that we 
use for Biology field classes and in recent years various Department on 
campus (Engineering and Agriculture) have come into some grant money and 
been able to squirrel away small parts of the Biology Station.  A 
proposal has just been submitted that would turn the whole area into an 
aquaculture site, ie. a giant fish farm.  They are likely to get funding 
for the project in which case we will lose our field site.  We are trying 
to counter their proposal by writing a grant to use the site for the 
following four purposes:
	1.  Offer biodiversity field courses for high school and
            elementary teachers.

	2.  Allow high school teachers to use the site to teach
            biodiversity related topics.

	3.  Teach university courses in biodiversity.

        4.  Use the station for teaching elderhostel classes.

Can anyone think of any sources of funding that may support development 
of courses such as these?  If we can't come up with a counter project to 
the fish farm, we will loose the area for teaching our classes.

I'm sorry this is not very clear or as thought out as it should be but, 
we found out about the project yesterday and the meeting to discuss the 
fish farm is today so, we are really in a rush.  If anyone has any words 
of wisdom, we would appreciate them!


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