Mary Williams mwilliams at THUBAN.AC.HMC.EDU
Tue Mar 26 11:28:22 EST 1996

Hello plant-ed folks,

I'm co-teaching a physiology course in which we are spending the first half
of the semester covering animal physiology and the second on plant
physiology. We are using two different text books, and find ourselves
spending lots of time trying to integrate the material from both books so
we can "compare and contrast" fundamental physiological principles.
My question is, does anyone know of a text book (or other source) in which
animal and plant phys. are discussed together, highlighting the different
approaches to similar problems?

We would also like to know of any book etc in which plant and animal
development are discussed together.

Thanks for any help,

mary williams
Biology Dept.
Harvey Mudd College
Mary_Williams at hmc.edu

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