Possible Textbook

Deborah Cook dcook at CAU.EDU
Wed Mar 27 18:43:09 EST 1996

I've been using Hopkins with some degree of success. I have a similar 
problem with my students. All of those texts are just too much for them.  I 
don't like Hopkins' treatment of photosynthesis.  It's too divided up.  He 
could have left out all the physics on light for me among other things.  
The art work could be alot better.  Even thought plant physiology is a 
specialized course, my students come into it having used Campbell for gbio 
and Prescott for micro which all have slick graphics. The problem with 
fancy artwork is that the cost of the book goes up.  Meaning that compared 
with some enormous, slick gbio book that the publisher prints zillions of 
copies of for zillions of dollars in sales actually costs less than a plant 
physiology text.  Hopkins cost over $70 as compared with Campbell at 
$40-60 (used-new).  I've considered from time to time teaching plant 
physiology without a text per se and using the information in comprehensive 
gbio books or those sections of gbotany texts that are appropriate for 
plant physiology.
Deb Cook

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