a question and an answer

Thu May 9 12:46:44 EST 1996

Hi folks,

As I said, a question and an answer

first the question: Does anyone know the source and approximate cost of a 
pressure bomb for water potential measurements?

Now the "answer".  Our resident neurobiologist and I spent some time puttering 
with Venus' Flytraps, and were eventually able to record beatuiful action 
potentials.  The potentials lasted about 0.5 sec, and were around 50 mV in 
magnitude.  We used two platinum electrodes, one attached to the outer portion 
of a trap-hinge with wet Elmer's Glue (as suggested in Reiss), and the other, 
reference electrode stabbed into the leaf blade just below the trap.  Sticking 
the electrode in soil, as suggested by Reiss, resulted in very low conductance 
and, as result, very high "noise". I suspect that one could get equally good 
results with mimosa, again inserting the reference electrode in the stem of the 
plant rather than in the soil.  

Good luck. Ken

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