Seminar course

David L. Haas dhaas at
Wed May 15 07:33:07 EST 1996

Dear Plant Ed Buffs,

Has anyone out in the big ed world had to teach a seminar course?  We at FSU have such 
for undergraduates.  Next semester I have the great opportunity to teach it.  Its a one 
hr. course where students pick a science related topic(s) research it and give two or 
three 15 - 20 min. presentation to the class.  Since the internet has expanded so much 
in the last few years I was thinking it would be good for the students if they had to 
work in some browsing in connection with their topic(s).  I know some of you have used 
the internet as an educational tool in some classes.  We at FSU have not done much.  I'm 
not even sure if our students have had any experience on line at all.  I have a feeling 
its very little.  Does any have any experience in this area?  Any suggestions?  Problems 
to look for?  Etc.

D. Haas

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