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Bill N. wrn1445 at
Wed May 15 19:02:53 EST 1996

> David,
> I am just finishing my first semester using a WWW site
> as part of my botany class.  As a starter, I put my
> syllabus and course schedule on-line with links to my
> lecture notes, book chapter annotations, lab exercises,
> exams from previous semesters, and posted my exam key
> for the current semester there.  The students liked the
> access for course materials (but I haven't got the course
> evaluations back yet)...(cut)

At Texas A&M, many professors in the Horticulture department have put
teaching materials on the web.  It's good as a supplementary resource, but
should NOT be the primary source for class materials.  It's generally
inefficient, graphics and copyrighted materials present problems, and
students resent having to learn computer technology for horticulture and
plant physiology classes.  But, there are a lot of study materials that
can be put on the web, and students usually appreciate their availability.

To see what has been going on for the last year and a half, check out the
Aggie Horticultue home page at:

I'm sure Dan Lineberger would be able to provide additional information
regarding what has and hasn't worked.

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