"Neem" tree

Wed May 22 13:12:12 EST 1996

>Does anyone have a common name (or probably better yet, a scientific name)
>for the neem tree?  Apparently it is a common tree, in India, that has some
>medicinal uses.  Thanks, in advance.
>John T. Barber
>Tulane University
>New Orleans

        Neem is the common name.  I do not know the latin binomial.  Check
out an article in Science (255:1070-1071, 1992).  That article cites a NRC
report called "Neem:  A tree for solving global problems" that was
published "a few weeks ago" (i.e. early 1992).  
        The tree (actually seeds) was first imported by Robert Larson of
Vikwood in Sheboygan, WI.  He has since sold a patent and distribution
rights to W.R. Grace and Co but he might still be involved in neem
applications.  If interested, I can provide you with Larson's address and
phone number.


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