Students Growing Peppers

River Barans riverrox at
Sat Nov 2 13:55:09 EST 1996

My students are doing an experiment with 6 different varieties of hot
peppers. One of their hypotheses are:  Hot peppers grow better in soil
with compost.

Three classes of 9th graders are growing peppers in three different
soils: 1) dirt with no compost, 2) dirt 80% / compost 20%, and 3) dirt
60% / compost 40%.  77 plastic plant containers (made from 2 liter pop
bottles) have been planted (10/16/96) and one has germinated/sprouted to
date (11/1/96).  Roughly 1/3 of the containers are in each soil group
and roughly 3 to 4 containers in each group contain one of the six types
of peppers.  So, we also hope to see if there is any difference between
pepper types and soil growing conditions.

Are there any other students out there doing similar experiments?  We'd
like to hear from you via the Internet.  Could we set up a similar
experiment and conduct it together in different parts of the country (or
world)?  Possibly using the same seeds?

I'm willing to brainstorm a joint project with other teachers.  This
semester ends Feb. 1, 1997.  Next semester follows.  Possibly we could
get a project going by Feb. 1?

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