separation of plant pigments

John Markwell markwell at UNLINFO.UNL.EDU
Wed Nov 6 16:59:42 EST 1996

>I am preparing an undergraduate lab on the separation of plant pigments from
>rapid cycling Brassica rapa (RCBr) seedlings of the following stocks - highly
>expressed anthocyanin (ANL/ANL), anthocyaninless (anl/anl), and F1 (ANL/anl)
>and have done some preliminary work extracting and separating the pigments.
>I've extracted pigments from 3 day old seedlings by homogenization in 1% HCl
>in 95% ethanol and run them on silica gel TLC using 10% acetic acid in water.

>I would like to use a solvent system to better resolve these pigments.  The
>hydrophobic ones don't  move at all;  the hydrophilic ones all stack up at the
>top.  I would appreciate any suggestions.
>                                        Lynn Radlick


If you are using 10% acetic acid as a TLC solvent, then you have surely
converted all the chlorophyll to pheophytin, which should give red
fluorescence under UV light.  I have a web site as part of my biochemistry
course which has a whole semester of plant pigment exercises which might
give you some ideas for new experiments.  Feel free to visit and copy any
that you like.

I hope that some of this is useful


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