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Wed Nov 6 15:07:30 EST 1996

  Recently I posted an inquiry about extraction and quantitaion of C2H4 and
ABA.  I have forwrded the information I received to the High School teacher.
Thank You all for your responses.  One follow question I was asked.  They
will standardize a germination inhibition assay.  The teacher (and myself)
is wondering what concentrations of ABA to use.  Anyone have some
suggestions for a range of concentartions to use to "standardize" the system?

  FYI, the experiments derived from an allelopathy experiment one of the
advanced students started.  They have identified some extracts from
particualr plants which inhibit germination.  They want to attempt to deduce
what  chemicals, etc. might be causing the inhibition.  They read up and
think it is ABA or Ethylene.  I gave her my opinion on the matter, but they
are going to stick with the ABA hypothesis.


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