Isozyme analysis using agarose gels?

David L. Robinson dlrobi02 at HOMER.LOUISVILLE.EDU
Tue Nov 12 01:04:30 EST 1996

I received several helpful answers to my query about the feasibility of 
using agarose gels for isozyme analysis by undergraduates. Below is a 

Thanks to all for your help!  Dave Robinson,  Bellarmine College


"The FMC company markets supplies for agarose gel electrophoresis of
proteins.  I have tried it with first year bio students and the
separations were adequate.  They sent me an article on using "safe gels"
with students:  Atkins, T.  1991.  Protein electrophoresis in the biology
classroom using "safe" gels.  American Biology Teacher, 53:490-495."


Several responses advocated horizontal starch gels as the best system to 
use in spite of the more elaborate preparation. Agarose gels just may not 
be discriminating enough for allozymes.

See:  Isozymes in Plant Genetics and Breeding, Tanksley and Orton.


Another mentioned cellulose acetate as a safe, easy option.


Another mentioned agarose gels impregnated with CMC and staining for 


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