C-4 trees

Mike Snow snow at UOFPORT.EDU
Thu Nov 14 13:55:35 EST 1996

	I believe that Welwitschia (the unusual gymnosperm from S. 
Africa) is a C-4. I haven't got a reference, but someone on the net may 
have one.
	Mike Snow
	Dept. of Biology
	University of Portland

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, John Penny wrote:

> dhaas at CHI1.UNCFSU.EDU (david haas) wrote:
> >Dear Plant Edders,
> >Does anyone know the names of any C-4 woody plants?  I would think there 
> >should be some but I'm not familiar with any.  A student brought up this 
> >question in class today.  Thought it would be a good one for this group.  
> >Thanx
> >D. Haas
> Given that C4 plants tend to be monocotyledons (e.g sugar cane, maize,
> Spartina anglica) and require anatomical changes to leaf structure
> (i.e. Kranz anatomy), I suppose the "trees" you are thinking about
> must be bamboo species.
> John Penny

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