Chlorophyll and Green Light

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Fri Nov 15 14:52:35 EST 1996

15 November 1996

Two comments on the red & blue vs. green discussion:

1. I have measured much more green and near IR under plant
canopies at various sites (mainly Texas and Brazil) than blue
and red. Many insects and mammals have a peak visual
response in the green. In short, the abundance of green
light under a canopy is nicely exploited by some of the life
that exists there.

2. Because of the blue-red peaks, I have advocated the measurement 
of blue and red separately rather than the traditional measurement of
the entire 400-700 nm band known as the photosynthetic action spectrum 
(PAR). I hope to publish a paper on the very simple instrument I
have developed for this purpose some time next year. The paper will
present operation details and results of long-term measurements.

Forrest M. Mims III
Sun Photometer Atmospheric Network (SPAN)

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