Evolution of monocots vs dicots

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Fri Nov 15 14:41:43 EST 1996


I'm posting this message for Jim Bader at Case Western Reserve University.
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>We have just finished our week on plant diversity in which we looked at
>evolutionary advances in reproductive structures from mosses to ferns to
>gymnosperms to angiosperms. While discussing the structure of monocot
>(corn) and dicot (kidney bean) seeds, one student asked what the
>evolutionary significance of these differences might be. While I could
>supply information on different lineages within the angiosperms and
>developmental and morphological differences between monocots and dicots, I
>was hard pressed to account for the evolutionary forces that may have lead
>to the development of these lines.
>Am I overlooking the obvious? Is there a simple answer that escaped me
>since we are buried under four feet of snow, it is not even Thanksgiving,
>and we are nearing the end of the semester with our tails between our legs?
>James M. Bader
>Manager of Graduate and Undergraduate Biology Teaching Laboratories
>Assistant Director, Center for Biology Education
>Case Western Reserve University
>jxb14 at po.cwru.edu

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