Help: Diffusion and reaction theory

Ping Li pli at IS2.DAL.CA
Fri Nov 15 20:23:19 EST 1996

Hi, I am a graduate student, and would like to have your support in
searching for following information: 

1)  Diffusion and reaction theory, and physical or any other theory in
controlling of plant development, especially for the development of shoot
apices, phyllotaxy, and flower parts. 

2)  What controls the initiation timing of different flower parts in
floral development? and how? 

3)  What controls developmental timing during the development of pistil
and/or stamen? and how? 

I will appreciate it very much if you can teach me where I can find those
infomation, and/or give me some of your thoughts or hypotheses on those
questions. Your information is important to me, and your help will be
greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ping Li                       
Department of Biology                   
Dalhousie University                                                
Halifax, Nova Scotia                  
Canada B3H 4J1                                                      

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