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Fri Nov 22 11:09:35 EST 1996

>There are many video suppliers with time-lapse videos, film loops, etc.
>But it is so much better in-person!  I recommend planting some
>Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant)-the leaves fold instantly upon
>touch.  Another fun one is Mimulus (monkey flower).  In the flower
>is a stigma with two lobes.  Upon touch the two lobes close up.
>There are others, but these are easy to grow and students like them.
>If the season is right, Berberis japonica flowers close by touch.
>Mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) flowers have stamens held in a
>spring trap which blasts pollen all over visiting insects of a certain
>I am less enthusiastic about Venus' fly trap.  If you grow your own
>they take a long time to get very large.  If you buy from a supplier
>you cannot always be sure they grew them from culture rather than
>collecting these endangered species from the wild!
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> /\|___/\     //\______COOH   NH-CH2-CH=3DC-CH2OH  \/OH
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> \/ \/|\/|    \\/ \ /       N  ||  N            |  |
> /\ | |__|=3D        NH       |  || ||           //\//\
>  | COOH                    \\ /\ /            O
>  COOH        H2C=3DCH2         N  NH
Since we're on the topic-last night my husband and I watched our "Cup of Gold" (Senora 
(?) maxima) flowers open.  If you're not familiar with these plants, the 6 inch flowers 
actually burst open, often making a popping sound and filling the room with a gardenia 
like fragrance.  Since you can actually watch the petals move as the flower prepares to 
open and the actual opening takes about a minute (it's like watching a time-lapse film, 
only it's in real time!) we got into a disscussion (two scientists-what can I say?) 
about the forces that cause the flower to open this way.  Anyone familiar with this 
plant and able to shed some light on what I think it a fascinating bit of plant 
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