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Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Fri Nov 22 08:44:46 EST 1996

At  8:35 AM 11/21/96 +0000, Dr J. Pritchard wrote:
>Does anyone know where you can get material showing plants moving?  I
>was thinking along the lines of stomata, Venus flytraps, time lapse of
>growth, gravitropism, leaf rolling, leaf movements etc., basically any
>turgor driven movement in plants.  I was wondering if there are any
>videos/CD ROM=92s/websites where this stuff is available?

There are many video suppliers with time-lapse videos, film loops, etc.
But it is so much better in-person!  I recommend planting some
Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant)-the leaves fold instantly upon
touch.  Another fun one is Mimulus (monkey flower).  In the flower
is a stigma with two lobes.  Upon touch the two lobes close up.
There are others, but these are easy to grow and students like them.
If the season is right, Berberis japonica flowers close by touch.
Mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) flowers have stamens held in a
spring trap which blasts pollen all over visiting insects of a certain

I am less enthusiastic about Venus' fly trap.  If you grow your own
they take a long time to get very large.  If you buy from a supplier
you cannot always be sure they grew them from culture rather than
collecting these endangered species from the wild!


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