Agent of distribution--Maclura

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Wed Nov 27 09:07:17 EST 1996

In article <monique.608.019A867B at>, monique at says...
>Following on the whole why-fruits-are-round discussion, let me pose this to 
>the group.
>What would you say was the original means of dispersal for seeds/fruit of 
>Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera), also known as Bois d'Arc and Horse Apple?
(Some clipped)
What about the theory that many of these type of fruits WERE in
fact adapted to simply fall and decay? The large size might be
a "time" factor, i.e. the fruit will take a certain amount of
time to decay, matching the proper time of year for the seeds
to germinate, or the size might be because decomposition of the
fruit(s) causes timed chemical changes that the seeds need in
order to break the seed coat. Just some thoughts!

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