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Wed Nov 27 16:41:20 EST 1996

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> So far, the guesses are:
> large herbivores--maybe mastodons--need a willing elephant to taste test
> decay--ie, meant to just drop and rot
> stuck to wild horses' feet--might work; they're certainly gluey enough
> flotation --haven't been able to test this one as they're gone for the 
>       year--anybody got a fresh one and a bucket of water?
> current distribution patterns seem to involve juvenile Homo sapiens.  Word is 
> they make great (if temporary) softballs.

I was a witness to the distribution of a pickup truck load of Maclura
fruits onto the main intersection of Herington, KS, a more or less annual
event.  The vectors were several adolescent males.  The fruits were then
collected (again) by the street maintenance crew and  their fate after
that is unknown.

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