Dihaploids vs. diploids

Subbaiah C. Chalivendra subbaiah at UIUC.EDU
Wed Nov 27 18:41:15 EST 1996

>At  9:45 AM 11/27/96 -0800, Carl Johnson wrote:
>>Could someone please explain the difference between a "dihaploid" (e.g.,
>>Nicotiana plumbaginifolia) and a diploid?
>>        Thanks,
>>        Carl Johnson
Ross Koning wrote:
>A guess: a chromosome-doubled haploid?
>This topic comes up with regard to tissue-culture
>derived plants coming from microspores that double
>spontaneously to make completely-homozygous "diploids".

That is right. However,the spontaneous doubling of chromosomes is very
infrequent. So, dihaploids are generally induced from haploid plants
(derived from microspores by in vitro anther culturing) by a brief
colchicine (a plant alkaloid) treatment. Cochicine allows chromosomal
doubling but stops the cell duplication.

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