why are fruits round

Wed Nov 27 20:35:27 EST 1996

Since I posed the original question, I can say w/ authority that the 
fruits were restricted to fleshy animal-dispersed fruits.  I have no idea 
whether the premise of the question is even true.  But perhaps it's true 
that these sorts of fruits tend not to be thread-like, or flat, or 
rings.  I guessed that one of the explanations would have to do with how 
fruits develop or enlarge.  If the simplest program is to enlarge a small 
group of cells, maybe that would tend to make fruits end up round? But 
probably plants' developmental programs aren't THAT constrained...

Anyway, I've really been enjoying all the ideas people have had, and have 
passed them along to the math guy who asked in the first place.

Anne Heise
Washtenaw Community College
Ann Arbor MI

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